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Welsh is a community-driven and fun memecoin created on Bitcoin through Stacks as a decentralized project. It's the first memecoin to thrive and attract people to use DeFi on Bitcoin. Recognized by Stacks as its mascot and ambassador, Welsh has become beloved across the Bitcoin ecosystem.


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From bearmarket to bullrun as a KING

Welsh's tale is one heck of a crypto journey. It’s the memecoin champ of the Bitcoin blockchain, the only one that danced through the bear market without missing a beat. As the crypto world braced and buckled, Welsh's community was busy growing roots, prepping for the sunshine that was about to break through. Now, in the bull run, Welsh isn’t just thriving; it’s leading the pack. With a solid cap of 10 billion tokens, all in circulation and no new ones on the horizon, Welsh has been a game-changer. It’s not just a coin; it’s a beacon, drawing crowds into the Bitcoin DeFi space, many diving in for the first time and finding themselves completely enchanted. Welsh is on a mission to do more than just exist; it’s here to revolutionize DeFi on Bitcoin, making it accessible, fun, and the go-to for an ever-growing community. Through its ups and downs, Welsh isn’t just surviving; it’s setting the scene for a DeFi revolution, proving that, indeed, the future of finance is here and it’s powered by Bitcoin, with Welsh leading the charge.


Welsh across the Bitcoin ecosystem



Imagine if Bitcoin had a new, cool neighborhood called Welsh, born right in the heart of its DeFi world, Stacks, two years back. It’s like the new kid on the block everyone's talking about! Welsh has been all about getting more folks excited and involved in what Bitcoin can do beyond just being digital gold. It’s been quite the journey, making the complex world of DeFi a bit more friendly and a lot more fun.



As more people started hanging out in Welsh, they began building cool stuff, like a bridge! Not the kind you cross over water, but one that connects Ordinals with the Bitcoin DeFi space. It’s kind of a big deal because it means users can smoothly hop between these two areas without a hitch. Think of it as Welsh turning into a bustling hub where new ideas meet old-school Bitcoin charm.ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ



With that bridge firmly in place, a shiny new protocol popped up, giving the old BRC-20 a facelift. Welsh didn't miss a beat and teamed up with the Bitcoin DeFi squad to start crafting another bridge. This one's aimed at linking up with Runes on Bitcoin. It's all about keeping the momentum going, making sure Welsh stays on the cutting edge and keeps the Bitcoin DeFi space buzzing with energy.

Fair Airdropped on Bitcoin

Two years ago, Welsh launched with a fair airdrop, some time after the launch, the developers stepped back, that completely shifted control to the community—no devs holding the reins. This wasn't just any airdrop; it was executed so well that it strengthened over time, establishing Welsh as a standout memecoin in the Bitcoin universe. A portion of the airdrop went to Arkadiko, who remains a steadfast supporter of the Welsh community. The way this token has been shared out and embraced by its community? That's textbook how you build a strong, decentralized vibe. Welsh isn't just playing the game; it's setting the rules on how community-driven projects should roll, making it a legend in the Bitcoin memecoin saga.


DeFi on Bitcoin, where it should be

DeFi on Bitcoin? Yeah, it's happening, and it's as groundbreaking as it sounds. For the longest time, the cool DeFi stuff seemed locked away in other blockchains. But now, after years of hardcore dedication and brainpower, the game has changed. Bitcoin, the OG of crypto, is stepping up, opening its doors wide to DeFi. This isn't just a small shift; it's a massive leap towards using DeFi where it truly belongs, on the most secure network out there. We're moving into an era where the strengths of Bitcoin—its unmatched security and robustness—are combined with the innovative, flexible financial solutions DeFi offers. It's like the crypto world's been waiting for this moment, and here it is, ready to revolutionize how and where we do DeFi.


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Check out the Happy Welsh collection! It's got 2,000 unique NFTs of the absolute cutest dog on Bitcoin. These aren't just any NFTs—they're a fun way to show off your love for the coolest Bitcoin community out there. Grab one and make it your pfp to really show the world where your digital heart lies. Dive into the world of Happy Welsh and show some love for your favorite community!

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